Our Story

One day Derek LaVelle found himself in a hospital room doubled over in pain. He couldn't understand why he was there. His diet was great, he exercised regularly and didn't smoke. Nevertheless, the doctor explained that he had developed Diverticulosis. What did that mean?  A drastic change in diet. He could no longer enjoy the foods he loved such as nuts, seeds, corn, some fruits and spices and a host of other things. At the time he was a pescatarian which made things very difficult. It was then that he decided that variety and flavor combinations were essential to cooking with a restricted diet.

That was years ago. More recently, Chef LaVelle had to find new ways to cook for his wife who had developed an auto immune disorder. AIP or Auto Immune Paleo became the next challenge. Daily meals were altered as well as holiday dishes. There are always obstacles and ways around them.

Whatever your dietary needs are, Chef LaVelle will work tirelessly to fulfill them. He believes in variety, quality, bold flavors and naturally unprocessed foods.

"You always feel better after eating good food".